Thursday, May 20, 2010

With the warmth having finally crept back into air, life seems to have suddenly sprung into action overnight. The leaves have re-appeared, flowers bloomed, and the animals run to and fro as if they have suddenly been re-charged. Even our men-folk are having sudden bursts of energy, though I'm not sure it's necessarily for the good.

Yesterday, as I'm leaving my brother's office, I get a call from my bf Carla that our menfolk (Terry & Chuck) have decided to "break" a mule. For those of you not familiar with the term, that means they are going to attempt to ride a mule that has never been ridden before (or green). As it took a while for me to get out to Smithville, most of the excitement had passed by the time I finally pulled up in my little red Escape.

As Hila and I approached the round pen, we noticed Chuck fully astride an Appaloosa mule named Tully grinning from ear to ear and absolutely shoeless! Apparently his boots were too wide for the stirrups so he just shucked them and hopped on.

Tully couldn't quite figure out how he felt 'bout having my husband on his back, but one thing was apparent. My husband was grinning like a schoolboy, having the time of his life. After watching him stress for the past several months over the multitude of responsibilities that he shoulders, it was refreshing to see Chuck just taking a moment to enjoy life; to smile and laugh just for the pleasure of it.