Friday, July 8, 2011

Absolutely Me

Few people know me better than my best friend.  It became evident in a small gift that she gave me earlier this week.  It was a small, simple hat but it represents so much of who I am. 

Growing up I hated the color pink, it represented weakness and "girls-girlness" pretty much everything I was opposed to.  Until my mother came down with breast cancer and bravely fought and won her battle. Then pink became a color of strength and dignity and hope.

The camo makes me smile, reminding me of the first time my husband took me to the woods or his romantic proposal several months later under a canopy of whistling limbs. It represents good times with friends and family alike, and attests to the passion that hunting has become.

Argyle shows my quirky side. I was slightly obsessed even before it became a trend, and will continue to be even after it no longer graces the racks of all the popular boutiques. Even I don't understand the tie it has on me, but it is what it is.

It seems fitting, that on the anniversary week of Carla and I being best friends for six years, she gives me such a wonderful gift showing how completely she understands me.

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