Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stuck on NBC's The Voice

From the very first commercial I was intrigued by the whole concept of NBC's The Voice. Each judge chooses their team, sight unseen, by voice alone. It brings to mind the recording artists of old, and families piled around the radio listening & bonding.

In a six degrees of seperation sort of way I have justified my slight obsession.  Since I first truly became fans Blake Shelton, and his now wife Miranda Lambert, after seeing them on my favorite hunting program then supporting Team Blake is the only thing a good huntress could do! :-)

Using the same six degress justifications I have found that since my toddler LOVES music and will start to dance if she hears someone hum, the only right thing is to dvr The Voice and watch it over and over during the day! I have learned, though, that apparently I talk more to the tv than I realize. While watching it again today Hila walked up to the tv, pointed at Blake Shelton and proudly proclaimed "Bake!".

While some of the judges may be a bit uh...grumpy...overall I have really enjoyed the show and rack up the snide remarks as all part of the competition, for the show is as much a competition for the judges as it is for the singers.

I know this blog may fit outside my normal range, but I just couldn't resist, and if you have a moment pull up some videos and vote for Team Blake...after all a vote for Team Blake is a vote for hunters everywhere! Pha-ha-ha!


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